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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conversation #8

This week I will be adding one of my favorite parts of Karma, where Christopher Alexander has his first sexual experience. I chose this because it shows another side of one's sexual experience, the first one. In most books you find an unbelievably sensual, sexy and erotic scene, that we all dream of, with the male knowing just what to do, what to say, and how to act. He is perfect in bed and pleases the woman to no end, the stuff fairy tales are made of. In the scene I've chosen, it is Christopher's "very first time". I had to keep it as real as possible, so that when each of my readers remember back, it showed realness, a familiarity and brings to mind an awkward, yet memorable time. We know it wasn't as magical as we'd hope our first time to be but a fond (and sometimes not so fond) memory non-the-less. So sit back and enjoy one of my favorite parts of the book!

“Hey birthday boy what’cha doing?”

Nothing, much on this game being bored, what up wit you?

“Nothing just came over wit moms to visit, and to give you your present.”

Oh yeah you got a gift for me, since when do I get gifts?

“Since now, is that a problem? You could’ve been getting this gift.”

No, it’s not a problem. Not a problem at all. As a matter of fact I think it’s kinda sweet. So what I get?

“You’re looking at it.”

Quit playing, what you tryna say?

“I’m not playin, I’ve been tryin to give you this for months, and you be tryna act like you don’t want.

Not today though, you gone give me what I want this time.”

Is that right? And here I thought it was my birthday.

“It is now come here, and turn that game OFF!”

Caught a little of guard, because it’s my first experience I slowly moved closer. As if I was following orders, she slowly slid her hand into my shorts, and grabbed my friend entirely too tight showing her inexperience. All the while, licking my lips for me, which to this day turns me on. With her free hand she slowly guides my hand under her skirt to my surprise, she had come more than prepared for the event. As soon as my hand hit center stage I felt the heat, and moisture of her own personal sauna. At that time, it was the most beautiful feeling that I had felt. She hadn’t worn any panties today, and was immediately prepared to straddle me, and let me explore her depths. As soon as I felt her warmth, my mind began to race. I tried to think of anything, but the pleasure in my lap. I was told that it would help you last longer, unfortunately my body had prepared for something very different. As she frantically slid herself up then down, up then down. I closed my eyes and envisioned myself in another place, which didn’t work for long at all. As she breathed and moaned oh so softly into my ear, I could barely keep control of myself. She softly expressed how much she wanted this, and how long she had waited for me to take her. As her words and moans slid out of her mouth, and into my ears, I slid just as easily in and out of her until I could feel my entire body explode. I could barely catch my breath, she must have felt the same, because her body went limp, and she collapsed on my shoulder. Afterwards, she quickly sat up and pulled her skirt down, and then took a quick glance at herself in the mirror.

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(Kar-ma - The sum of a person’s actions during the successive phases of his or her existence, regarded as determining his or her destiny in future incarnations.)
Karma is all around us, affecting our everyday lives, we’re absorbed by it. It’s as real as the air we breathe, and the love we share. Just like the love we feel and the air we breathe it’s going on without being seen. No one is more affected by this than Christopher. After years of sexual escapades, breaking hearts, and in the end ruining good women over and over again, he thought that he had finally found “the one”. There was something different about her, she was special. So special in fact that instead of her being head over heels for him like so many others before her, it was the complete opposite. It was she that had him wide open, and in the end it would be him that would have to pick up the pieces of his broken heart, and find a way to go on.

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Christopher Alexander is back and out for revenge. After being hurt in an unimaginable way he’s out to make them pay. The only problem is he plans on making all of women pay for the decision of one woman.
Author, Hashim Conner starts The Learning Curve exactly where Karma left off. Instead of attempting to put the pieces back together and heal, Christopher dives head first back into a life of sexual encounters turning his sex life into some kind of game with rules that only he’s privy to. Christopher runs from woman to woman, until he’s broadsided by Ariel who’s playing a game herself. With her indecisiveness she has an impossible task of choosing between Christopher and her ex who isn’t ready to let her go. Without much effort at all she has Christopher back in a position that he swore he would never be in again. From the classroom, to the bedroom, Christopher gives us a much deeper look into the exciting life he lives.

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