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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Conversation #2

Patrice of Mobile, AL via yahoo messanger asks:

Patrice: Hi Mr Conner, I have read Karma and have almost completed TLC…and I'd like to know which character is most like you?

Hashim: Well considering there is really only one main character that is discussed in the book, I would have to say no one. LOL

Patrice: Okay, I'll let that go for now. Considering there were other characters…

Hashim: No seriously I can see parts of myself in Christopher Alexander especially while dealing with the young students in The Learning Curve. Everyone wants to believe that I based Christopher on myself but that could not be farther from the truth.

Patrice: Okay, almost like an alter ego or exagerated version of "the real you". OK, well why did you choose to give that character such loose values?

Hashim: To be honest I don't think his values were loose, I think they were more the norm for a person of a certain maturity level. Most people would make it an age issue but Christopher's actions were not that of every young person. But more so of a person who had not matured regarding relationships. Do you truly think his values were loose? Considering in a time and age of drugs, and guns Christopher never indulged in either.

Patrice: how did u decide which traits to give him? Do you know anyone like him? Or even close?
hashim conner: Well I made Christopher up from a combination of people I knew he has certain traits from a couple of different people all mixed in together. I don't know any one person completely like Christopher, but I know a couple different people that may have similar traits of Christopher. No one man can be as lucky with women as Christopher Alexander seems to be.

Patrice: LOL...perhaps. Were any of the women based on real people or any of the situations real? Even if not for you…Did one of your friends come to you bragging (like men sometimes do) "Man, I had this chic…Blah, blah, blah…"?

Hashim: Every last one of the female women were all made up in my head, based solely on my imagination, though a couple of the sexual scenes may have a small "trickle" of other people's sexual experiences. LOL

Patrice: LOL! Ok, if you could re-write any part of either book what would it be and why?

Hashim: There isn't much I would change in either book, but to be honest if I had a chance to do it over I would probably change Karma's ending and give the description of Karma a more in-depth ending so that people would feel more of the emotion.

Patrice: Oh I almost forgot kudos to you for the ending of Karma! You got me! I am very analytical; always trying to out-write the author… And guess the endings, you did good! I didn't suspect it!

Hashim: The Learning Curve was perfect to me there isn't much I would change, except for maybe the editing, well the editing in both books could have been better so that is the one thing I would definitely change

Patrice: Yes I noticed a few typos but the story kept me interested. It was a good, easy and fun read! Well I have really enjoyed chatting with you. I may have more questions when I finish The Learning Curve.

Hashim: It's been my pleasure and I am looking forward to you completing The Learning Curve, can't wait to hear those questions.

Patrice: Okay, well maybe you'll hear from me again soon. Thanx again, for the opportunity to chat with you.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe him I think he is Christophe Alexander. He even answers questions like Chris would.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Who is he trying to fool? Himself?

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