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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Conversation #3

JaTanya of Detroit, MI; via e-mail:

JaTanya: i am so excited to finally get the chance to talk with you

Hashim: Well thank you much I am happy to have this opportunity as well.

JaTanya: I have read both Karma and The Learning Curve and Was blown away with what I read I do have a few questions though.

Hashim: Is that right? Well I hope you were blown away in a good way. I look forward to answering any questions that I might be able to answer.

JaTanya: I think outside the box so when I read something I need to know what is going to happen next and things to that nature

Hashim: That is totally understandable. Let's see if I can help you find out what's going to happen next.

JaTanya: so my first question is , In Karma, Do you think that there was anything that Christopher could have done differently to change the outcome?

Hashim: To change to outcome with Karma, or in all the encounters he experienced?

JaTanya: well i was asking about just Karma... but that is an even better question so both

Hashim: Well honestly with I believe that as far as Karma went Christopher lost track of the bigger picture, and made the mistake that women in his past had made so many times before. Karma was looking for fun, she was looking a bit of excitement and someone who would give her the attention she was not getting at home. Chris made more out of her wants than was actually there. So he made something totally different out of the relationship they shared.

Hashim: As far as the other encounters Christopher had, I'm not sure there was anything he could've done different. Regardless of what Christopher said, the women had already made up in there mind what they wanted.

JaTanya: That is too true about when women make up there minds about what they want and with Karma that can be true too but it seemed to me that she may have led him on a wee bit
Hashim: And that very well may have been true, but at the end of the day she never hid the fact that she was with someone. He took it upon himself to see what he wanted.

JaTanya: So True. So the title of your second book is The Learning Curve. Do yout think that Christoper has learned or will learn to look for more than just the physical in a woman?

Hashim: Well that's a good question! To be totally honest I believe once again that the ability to look past the physical is something that a lot of people (but men mostly) have a serious problem with. Mr. Alexander is no different. Though I don't believe that the physical is where the attraction stopped in every one of Christopher's relationships. At least not the one's that were serious. Even with Karma being as beautiful as she was there were so many more characteristics that appealed to Christopher. The physical is always the beginning, because if you don't have a physical connection it is almost impossible to get anything else going.

JaTanya: This is so true but spoken just like a man

Hashim: Wow? Is that right?LOL

JaTanya: yes it is women don't have a big problem dating a man that is not so appealing to everyone but men need a show piece and Christopher was no different

Hashim: Okay no argument there.

JaTanya: I see that you have a third book "The Escort" coming out. Can we expect the same attitude from Christopher towards the opposite sex or will he be slowing down and concentrating more on himself?

Hashim: Well actually the third book is going to be The Congregation and it's going to be a story that isn't based on Christopher. The Congregation is going to be based on three married couples that all attend the same church. Then for the fourth book we will come back to Christopher Alexander and see if he can have a different outlook on women. LOL!!!

JaTanya: Okay. When i was reading your BIO it talked about The ESCORT. This one sounds interesting also. Do you have anything else in the works?

Hashim: Well besides The Congregation and The Escort I am seriously considering turning them all into movies especially The Congregation. I think that is my main goal in the years that follow.

JaTanya: The Learning Curve would be one hell of a movie. That would definately be something i would watch repeatedly

Hashim: Well I am extremely happy to hear it! I can't wait to on that challenge.

JaTanya: Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer fans questions and get feed back on your works most authors can't handle stuff like that

Hashim: No, I have to thank you for giving my work a chance. I know how hard it is for some readers to try a new author, we tend to get our favorites and not give other authors a chance. I plan to be the most accessible author in the business, even as my career furthers itself I plan to be just as accessible then as I am now. Thank you so much for taking the time out to through some questions my way and giving the opportunity to have this dialogue.

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