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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conversation #4

Tona of New Jersey via email asked:

Tona: How did u come u with the different situations for Christopher? Was this on based on factual events from yourself?

Hashim: Lol!!! No not at all I honestly don't think any one man can be as lucky with women as Christopher seems to have been. But his encounters are not so far fetched that they can't happen in real life. Christopher and his acts are all a figment of my over active imagination.

Tona: Ok, so u are telling me not none of these situations u havent been in.

Hashim: No not me, and if my mom is reading this I am still a virgin, and waiting until I am married. Lol No but seriously if we are talking about the different relationship senerios of course we all have had relationships that have gone wrong. I'm sure some of the situations Christopher has faced I can more than relate to.

Tona: Never met u in person, but for some strange reason i can see u in some of these situations, u have a very vivid and explicit imagination in some parts of the book that really seem factual to some people. T
rue, virgin yeah right lol, that's funny. Both books were very good and kept my interest.

Hashim: Well thank you! I try to write a more true to life story something that people can easily relate to. My attempt is to put a story on paper that someone can read and say I know someone just like him or her. Thank you very much I am glad you enjoyed both books.

Tona: U are welcome, im a reader and i read all kinds of books, and sometimes i will get a book that doesnt keep my interest and this was not the case. When i first got Karma i finished it in a week and with TLC i think i finished it in about a week and a half i read it every where i went even took the books to read to work to read on my break.

Hashim: Well hearing that I was able to keep you interest even through work is very exciting. I love to write, but the only part that excites me more than actually writing the story is getting the feed back from the story from it's readers. So to read that my work was able to hold your interest the way it did is extremely pleasing to me.

Tona: Well u did exactly that. I have one more question.

Hashim: Please go ahead, I'm all ears!

Tona: Do u know anybody that portrays any of the characters in ur book?

Hashim: Are you asking are any of the characters real or modeled after anyone I know?

Tona: Yes i was sorry if i wasnt clear on what i was trying to ask you.

Hashim: Well to be totally honest all characters with the exception of one are all a figment of my imagination. There is only one person who can arguably be modeled after someone I know personally. But that is all I will say on that question. I will give a hint though this character appeared in both books. LOL

Tona: ok, im thinking Christopher, but i know it was another person too that was in both books am i right? See now u going to have me read both books all over againbecause of your question.

Hashim: Yes there was more than just Christopher Alexander to appear in both books. LOL

Tona: I know it was, it was a chick but i cant think of her name right now. Im going to analyze that question now until i get it right, because that's just me.

Hashim: In that case I hope you enjoy reading them again. Can't wait to hear from you again once you figure it out. LOL!!! I hope I was able to answer all of your question. The pleasure of talking to you was all mine.

Tona: You are very welcome it was a pleasure talking to you too. i am going to figure it out too give me a couple of days, it might be tonight. lol hashim conner: Thank you again for your questions!!!

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Michele said...

First and foremost let me say that I enjoyed both "Karma" and "TLC". I found them both to be great interesting reads and I can not wait for "The Congregation" or "The Escort". I am really looking forward to "The Escort" because I can only imagine what type of antics Christopher will be up to. I am finding it hard to believe that Christopher is not an alter ego of extension of yourself Mr. Conner. The situations and scenarios seem to real to not be based on actual events, but I guess a man just knows how men work! lol! I hope that in "The Escort" Christopher finds the right one for him because I do believe deep down inside he wants more then sex for himself.

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